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Research and analysis


We regularly diagnose and analyze marketing and business departments in the organizational and technological context, in order to implement our clients’ business objectives more effectively.

MKTOUT Survey 2020

A nationwide survey on relation between marketing, companies’ boards and advertising agencies. Available only in polish language.


Why do 80% of business leaders not trust marketing managers and how to change it?

Download the audiobook about how to build an effective marketing department or buy a book with the same title written by Piotr Golczyk, MKTOUT CEO & co-founder

What is responsibility of marketing department in modern companies?

Role of Marketing Operations explained

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More about MKTOUT.

At MKTOUT we want to help companies build better relationships with their clients through digital, cultural and organizational transformations in the marketing departments. We treat marketing as one of the most important business functions.

We strive for the marketing department to be concise, communicative and organizationally effective, hence we symbolize it with the abbreviated name MKT, and the word OUT symbolizes the enhancement of the power of marketing in business, thanks to the outsourcing of marketing processes.